Unleashing The Power of Humanity in Business

Are you an organization, that Cares ? Unleashing The Power of Humanity in Business Throughout my professional journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous business leaders who have cared deeply for those who reported to them, worked with them or bought from them. Humanity was at the center of their core beliefs […]

Navigating Behavioural Challenges in Business Transformation

Navigating Behavioural Challenges in Business Transformation As a Business Transformation Consultant, I have come across situations when the agreement between the consultant and the Business owner shakes and at time reaches a dead end. Something happens that doesn’t allow things to move in the chosen direction as per the agreed roadmap that was developed at […]


Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Principles of Yoga. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking ways to enhance their productivity, find inner peace, and achieve sustainable success. While many turn to traditional management theories and strategies, there is another ancient practice that holds valuable lessons for entrepreneurs: Yoga. Yoga, an […]

Challenges in Sales 

Navigating the Competitive Landscape In today’s dynamic business environment, the sales function plays a pivotal role in driving revenue and ensuring organizational success. However, the world of sales is not without its fair share of challenges. From increased competition to evolving buyer expectations and technological advancements, sales professionals face a multitude of obstacles on their […]

The Healing Power of Laughter

Laughter is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers and brings people together. It is a natural and instinctive response to humour, joy, or amusement. While laughter is often associated with fun and entertainment, its benefits extend far beyond mere amusement. Scientific research has shown that laughter has a profound impact on our physical, mental, […]

10 Growth Tips for Small Businesses to focus in 2023-24

10 Growth Tips for Small Businesses to focus in 2023-24 The new financial year has begun and new growth plans are being made and implemented. It is imperative that the promoters and senior executives of small businesses would be looking at increased turnover in the new financial year. # Deep dive into FY2022-23 with honesty […]

Employee Engagement (Part 1/2)

How important and relevant Is it for traditional SMEs? PART ONE OF TWO PARTS I work with SMEs as a Transformation Consultant and over decades I have received mixed responses from the promoters related to Employee Engagement. Some of them have adopted and developed great programs for employee engagement, achieving different levels of success. But […]

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