Yogesh Mittal

GET UP ARISE is a workbook, which provides an individual and an organization with lot of tools and tips on how one can boost sales. The content of workbook is very simple and easy to follow; we just need to do one thing – PRACTICE.
I am among few lucky ones who attended this workshop twice – once alone and another time with my team. Believe me both the times I learned something new and whenever we have some challenges in our organization we just go back to our notes.
I am very glad and like to congratulate Rajeev ji for converting the workshop into a workbook and making his valuable knowledge, experience and insights available to mass audience. I personally believe that this workshop, now a workbook can add lots of value and direction in every organization’s sales training program and help in boosting the Sales.
All the chapters covered in the workbook are very helpful in sales training. I personally benefited from some tools like – The 20×4 rule, Being fabulous and Retention.
If you are reading this that means you have manifested for this and the investment that you have made on this workbook will give you multiple fold returns. But please use it as a WORKBOOK and not read it as any other business book.

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