Ashish Gupta, Best Roadways, MD

हर बेटी-बहन स्वाबलंबी बनें ताकि देश को अलग पहचान मिल सकें। आज भारत में बेटियां लगभग हर क्षेत्र में आगे हैं। सुधा को मैंने नौकरी देकर एक बेटी और बहन को आत्मनिर्भर बनने की राह दिखाई है। बेटियों में संभावनाएं तो बहुत हैं बस जरूरत है उसे पहचानने की। सुधा अच्छा काम करें तरक्की करें […]

Roshan Lal Agarwal, Cj Darcl Logistics, JMD

बेटियां इसकी या उसकी नहीं सभी की होती हैं। एक बेटी को स्वाबलंबी बनाने से एक समाज स्वाबलंबी होता है। गौरी जैसी बेटी को सीजे डार्सल ने अपनी कंपनी में स्थान देकर कोई ऐहसान नहीं किया है इस बच्ची ने अपनी योग्यता के बल पर स्थान पाया है, ऐसी बेटियों के लिए निष्काम भाव से […]

Subhash chand Agarwal , Smc CMD

एक बेटी अगर सबल बनती है तो पूरा समाज और देश उस पर गर्व करता है। हमने संजना को नौकरी देकर कोई ऐहसान नहीं किया है, बल्कि एक बेटी को स्वाबलंबी बनाने में कदम रखा है। ऐसी सोच अब हर किसी को रखनी पड़ेगी। क्योंकि बेटियां सिर्फ घर ही नहीं बल्कि, कंपनी भी चला सकती […]

Karan Nangia

Rajeev can perform a wide range of duties that may vary considerably depending on the industry. He provides expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations based on his expertise. He is essentially a fixer, serving as an objective troubleshooter, and provides strategies to prevent problems and improve performance. His experience offered us the opportunity to […]

Ram Babu Gupta

It has been almost 15 years now that we are associated with BrandBuzzand under your strict leadership, acumen and challenging guidance, we have been able to retain our Brand always on top, which resulted in rapid growth in our business and we could cross many milestones We do hope, in future too, we would cross […]

Author Sherry

“This book is a masterpiece to become a sales master!” ‘Sales’ is an integral part of any business you are in and this book is full of insights, practical strategies that work in real life to help you improvise your sales. Rajeev Narang sir has shared his treasure of knowledge from his life’s precious experience […]

Yogesh Mittal

GET UP ARISE is a workbook, which provides an individual and an organization with lot of tools and tips on how one can boost sales. The content of workbook is very simple and easy to follow; we just need to do one thing – PRACTICE. I am among few lucky ones who attended this workshop […]

Himanshu Issar

“Great things are done by a series of small things done together”. This workbook reminds me of the above quote. Perfect blend of knowing what to do, how to do and when to do to achieve desired results. I recommend all the readers who want to make their career in sales should read this piece […]

Rahul Gauba

We are always selling. And this book makes you SALES READY. Winning an opinion is also winning a sales pitch. The objection handling techniques have helped me a lot in real business scenarios. Before reading this, I thought I knew the game, but it’s altogether an exponential version of things. A technique from this book […]

Vivek Nanda

Sales is one of the most challenging careers one can choose. It gives you an opportunity to network with a plethora of interesting persons & organizations. Experienced professionals like Rajeev Narang can teach nuances of sales in the easiest possible manner. The Workshop Technique is simply superb, as it not only covers the essentials but […]

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