Author Sherry

“This book is a masterpiece to become a sales master!” ‘Sales’ is an integral part of any business you are in and this book is full of insights, practical strategies that work in real life to help you improvise your sales. Rajeev Narang sir has shared his treasure of knowledge from his life’s precious experience […]

Yogesh Mittal

GET UP ARISE is a workbook, which provides an individual and an organization with lot of tools and tips on how one can boost sales. The content of workbook is very simple and easy to follow; we just need to do one thing – PRACTICE. I am among few lucky ones who attended this workshop […]

Himanshu Issar

“Great things are done by a series of small things done together”. This workbook reminds me of the above quote. Perfect blend of knowing what to do, how to do and when to do to achieve desired results. I recommend all the readers who want to make their career in sales should read this piece […]

Rahul Gauba

We are always selling. And this book makes you SALES READY. Winning an opinion is also winning a sales pitch. The objection handling techniques have helped me a lot in real business scenarios. Before reading this, I thought I knew the game, but it’s altogether an exponential version of things. A technique from this book […]

Vivek Nanda

Sales is one of the most challenging careers one can choose. It gives you an opportunity to network with a plethora of interesting persons & organizations. Experienced professionals like Rajeev Narang can teach nuances of sales in the easiest possible manner. The Workshop Technique is simply superb, as it not only covers the essentials but […]

Sudhanshu Srivastava

GET UP ARISE is a compendium of practical tips for salesperson in any sector. Salesmanship is both a scientific and a creative process; and is based on deep understanding of human psychology and a generous dollop of common sense! Anybody who meticulously follows the book will surely elevate his skills to stratospheric heights!! The insights […]

Ira Sahai

Workshop in a book sounds wonderful and amazing. The book is a comprehensive anthology of the Art, Science and often ignored Psychology of sales and an answer to those who say selling cannot be taught. The book is step-by-step breakdown of the sales process and seeks to demystify and debunk some common myths and misconceptions. […]

Anshu G.Bhogra

Completely floored by this exciting step-by-step guide to become a great sales person. The “workbook” has some valuable and practical insights written in a simple manner. Rajeev has beautifully captured some hard-hitting truths that we often tend to ignore. A must read for all who want to make it big in their selling career.

Shekhar Khanna

GET UP; ARiSE is inspiring workbook especially about the Live Workshops that lifted me up as a Sales Leader. It demonstrates the important sales principle through simple communication technique Rajeev has discerned from working, training and mentoring more than thousands of sales and marketing professionals. Indeed a workbook handy for all sales professionals with or […]

Ugo Pelosin

I am a Sales Director and I deal with international markets, practically I am a salesman, yes because we all are salesmen in everyday life, and I have been doing it for thirty years now. That sounds like a long time, but the real salesman never stops learning, indeed he must continue to learn. Precisely […]

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