Shekhar Khanna

GET UP; ARiSE is inspiring workbook especially about the Live Workshops that lifted me up as a Sales Leader.
It demonstrates the important sales principle through simple communication technique Rajeev has discerned from working, training and mentoring more than

thousands of sales and marketing professionals. Indeed a workbook handy for all sales professionals with or without sales training to understand the very importance of sales training and practice in our day to day life where Everyday Counts. Not just this, but He has also highlighted most important concern of the Organizations “ the importance of investment into Sales training and the role of trained sales infrastructure in the success of any Organization as‘ Sales is like a muscle that needs to be exercised Everyday in order to grow stronger’.
‘This Workbook amazingly comes from Live workshop poured into six particularly powerful chapters demonstrates and shares creative ways for the growth of sales professionals and Organization. Prayers and best wishes for this sincere efforts by Rajeev ji to reach out to Readers Sales Heroes – The Real Heroes of the Organization’.

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