Ugo Pelosin

I am a Sales Director and I deal with international markets, practically I am a salesman, yes because we all are salesmen in everyday life, and I have been doing it for thirty years now. That sounds like a long time, but the real salesman never stops learning, indeed he must continue to learn.
Precisely for this deep conviction of mine, years ago we decided with my colleagues in Delhi to look for an expert in communication and sales techniques.
To be honest we didn’t know exactly who we were looking for, but we knew our salespeople needed to grow, to train.
It was then that I met Rajeev, and his communicative energy that can influence anyone. He was already taking

care of our Brand’s image, but he realized that our salesmen were like plants in a garden, and he had the vision and conviction of a gardener.
Yes, because a gardener puts order in the garden, gives it shape, he takes care of the suffering ones and makes the smaller plants grow, all with a precise design, all with a very specific project. And today our sales force (our wonderful garden) has really grown, and I can credit this to Rajeev.
This is Rajeev’s strength, this is his meritorious work, and in the book, or rather the Worbook, he does exactly this: he lists, explains, illustrates and explores the contents of “every seller’s toolbox”. Rajeev helps plants to strengthen themselves, to grow, to reach their maximum splendour, in a continuous updating to the market context.
Rajeev helps us to develop awareness of our path.
A useful book for sellers or future sellers, that I will take it with me on my next trips, to consult it every now and then. And I think will be very often!

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